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Select the room you are interested in and click on the reserve button

On the reserve button there are prices such as ฿999, ฿5,000, ฿10,000 etc. This means the price you pay when booking a unit


View the details of the unit you are interested in Then click on the “Book Now” button

You can click the “Book Now” button from 2 locations unit details button and buttons on the bar at the bottom of the screen


Check booking information at the menu "Reservation History"


Receive proof of successful booking confirmation via Email, LINE and SMS


Booking conditions

Book condos, houses and townhouses via iStore, get free Central gift vouchers worth 8,000 baht, total 88 pieces, and 4 iPhone 12 units

Conditions for booking condos, houses and townhouses with online booking or through project sales staff
  1. Subscription channel and at the project
  2. Promotional promotion for customers who reserve condominiums, houses and townhouses ready to move in. in projects participating in the promotion
    1. Units priced over 10 million baht are eligible to receive an iPhone 12 model, 64GB, valued at 29,900 baht, 1 device per 1 unit, limited to 4 devices, and are entitled to receive a Central gift voucher worth 8,000 baht as well, only for the first 4 customers who subscribe through Online booking or booking through the sales staff at the project (Note: when iPhone12 runs out, customers who book will receive a Central gift card worth 30,000 baht instead, without receiving a Central gift card worth 8,000 baht)
    2. Units priced not over 10 million baht are entitled to receive Central gift vouchers worth 8,000 baht, 1 voucher per 1 unit, 88 vouchers totaling 704,000 baht, only for the first 88 customers who purchase via Online Booking or book through the sales staff at project
    3. Where customers can choose the unit they want to subscribe fill in personal information and pay the reservation within 15 minutes after pressing the unit selection Because the system will temporarily lock the queue of the units you have selected. In the event that you do not pay within the specified period, the company reserves the right to cancel your purchase without prior notice. and you have to do the transaction again according to the conditions set by the company
  3. When the customer has completed the purchase The system will send a confirmation message to confirm the reservation back to the phone number provided by the customer
  4. Upon successful booking confirmation The customer must pay the contract within 14 working days (Monday-Friday) from the date of purchase. And the ownership must be transferred within 30 days from the subscription date. and when the transfer of ownership is completed The customer will receive the iPhone 12 within 30 days of the transfer date and/or the customer will receive the Central voucher within 60 days of the transfer date
  5. In the event that the customer wishes to change/cancel the subscription right within 3 days from the date of online booking, the company will proceed to change/cancel the right. and paid for the reservation already paid, refunded within 45 days, deducting a 15% fee of the reservation paid by the customer
  6. The customer and the company pay a half fee for the transfer of ownership. As for specific business tax, stamp duty, and withholding tax, all payments are made by the customer
  7. If in doubt or ask for more information You can contact us at 02 316 2222
  8. Conditions are as specified by the company. subject to change without prior notice in case of doubt The discretion of the Company shall be final