Terms & Conditions

Service provider refers to the website service provider. "Subscriber" refers to the user or subscriber to use the service of our website. The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:
1. Subscriber will be responsible for any form of dissemination namely via email and/or homepage. Service provider has no responsibility for such action.
2. This service will not be used to disseminate, refer, mention, insult or do anything that may cause the damages to the institutions, the nation, religion and the monarchy.
3. Subscriber shall keep the password confidential to prevent the third party access to the system or do anything that may harm the subscriber and/or the overall server system.
4. Do not use the received email service to cause disturbance to others such as posting impolite statements, advertising or publicizing information or news events that may cause annoyance to others or cause. misunderstanding via the public information source such as information board of websites or social media such as facebook.
5. Subscriber shall not send spam email by using email which refers to this server to the third parties without the consent of the recipients.
6. The spam email sender will be accountable for Service provider and will agree to pay compensation for damages occurred from every case.
7. Subscriber shall not act in any way that will bring harm or cause damages to the overall server system.
8. Do not use this service to store or disseminate information, visuals, audios or messages which are abusive, obscene, unlawful and violating good morals, including the use of pirate software information to crack, hack or the use of this service server to attack other servers such as mail bombs, hack attacks, spamming, port scanning or port probing. Subscriber who disseminates the information in question or uses this service to serve these inappropriate purposes shall be deemed as violation and will be subject to legal prosecution under Thai law.
9. Service provider reserves the right to reject the request to use the service without any explanation and to terminate the subscription of the violators or subscribers who try to breach the terms and agreements without prior notice.
10. Subscriber cannot store and disseminate any information which have been duplicated or modified which can be subject to the violation of intellectual property or use this service to store information or provide any service to other websites.
11. Service provider is entitled to pursue legal case against anyone who tries to cause harm to the server system.
12. Service provider is not responsible for inefficiency, delay, error, loss of information or any damages beyond its control.
13. Service provider reserves the right to use information or disclose the personal information of the subscribers if it is requested by the government authorities.
14. In case Service provider receives any complaint, request or finds any suspicious cause for concern, Service provider is entitled to terminate or temporarily suspend the service to the subscriber in question to investigate and examine the cause of such complaint or suspicion.
15. The website will cooperate with the Royal Thai Police to examine the websites with inappropriate content or information which is against the public order. If you find the information or receive any tips thereof, please notify us accordingly to take action against the website in question.
16. Service provider reserves the right to terminate this service if the agreement has been violated or finds that such act can cause harm or danger to the entire server system such as breaching security system, hacking the system or trying to access to information in the server and of other subscribers or any other act to cause heavy burden to the server.
The company deems that every subscriber has read and understood the terms and regulations for the use of service before subscribing to our service.